"As a coaching group you are completely different to any coaches we have worked with before – whatever you do, it works, you have a significant impact."
Group Head, City Law Firm

When you work with The Alliance, you work collaboratively with a high-performing team of experienced business coaches. We are committed to delivering bespoke, client-focused and values-oriented work that makes a positive impact. By offering active support, challenge and guidance, we enable people to tackle the business issues they face and to achieve sustainable change, and often far-reaching transformations. Using a coaching-based approach, we facilitate both personal growth and organisational development. As a result, our clients are able to access new ideas and solutions, unleash talent and generate progress on entrenched and even previously unspoken issues.

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Leadership Profile

Read our latest leadership profile, featuring Martha ('Marty') Wikstrom, Founding Partner of Atelier Fund Management. Marty has led many companies, ranging from start-ups through to mammoth corporates, through growth, transformation and reorganisation - and has clocked up lots of airmiles along the way! Read her full profile.

10th Anniversary

The Alliance celebrates its 10th birthday

This year we are marking the milestone of ten years as a successful coaching business. It feels like a significant moment, a testament to the foresight, commitment and professionalism of The Alliance’s founding members, most of whom are still very much part of the business.  At our 100th meeting (a milestone in itself!), we reflected on some of the things we wanted to celebrate about The Alliance: see here for our Top Ten!

Juan Coto

Juan Coto gives Meyler Campbell Annual Lecture

We are proud to share the news that on 26th November our very own Juan Coto gave the annual Meyler Campbell lecture on ‘The Corporate Athlete: Coaching to build resilience and maximise peak performance’. A former international tennis player himself, Juan explained the key principles of human performance in the toughest, high-pressure environments and shared a set of mental performance tools used by world-class athletes which can be applied equally effectively in business.  Look out for a summary of his lecture, coming soon.

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Tea with Carol Kauffman

Several of us had the pleasure of attending this event, during which Professor Carol Kauffman, founder of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, presented her thought-provoking views of supervision and participated in a lively Q&A with the audience of curious coaches. Memorable points of discussion included the misleading nature of the term ‘supervision’ (‘development coach’ emerged as a possible alternative); the idea that it’s not what you know and do as a coach that’s important, but who you are and so ongoing professional and self-development is essential to keep coaches on top form; and the suggestion that the artful wisecrack is a high-end coaching intervention! As a taster of the zingy experience, amongst Carol’s statements were ‘I am a demented servant of my client’ and ‘never take a supervisor’s gut instinct over your own’. Rarely are mince pies accompanied by such pithy and valuable information!


Food for Thought

Food for Thought

‘Far beyond feeling good, a micro-moment of love, like other positive emotions, literally changes your mind. It expands your awareness of your surroundings, even your sense of self.'

Barbara Fredrickson, Love 2.0


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Charity of the Year

As part of our ethos of wanting to give back and to make a broader contribution to the community, since 2011, we have chosen a charity to support every year, through a combination of fundraising, donations and direct support such as the volunteering of our time. Our chosen charity for this year is Barnardo’s – if you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.