"As a coaching group you are completely different to any coaches we have worked with before – whatever you do, it works, you have a significant impact."
Group Head, City Law Firm

We're not content with the status quo.
Are you?

Our intent is to leave people and businesses better than they were before: higher performing; more resourceful and resilient; more fulfilled and fit for purpose.  We partner with organisations, business leaders, teams and individuals who are open-minded and curious: for them, and us, the status quo is never an option.  Our clients want to step up a gear and are ready for transformation.  We invest the time to go deep and really understand our clients’ business needs and cultures; we encourage and inspire businesses to ask the questions and have the conversations that matter; we help our clients embed new practices; we facilitate connections and act as a bridge to fresh external perspectives.  As a result, our clients clear their view and overcome the barriers to change, helping them create high performing organisations full of people who love their work and who know how to flourish, even under pressure.


 Leadership Profile

Read our latest leadership profile, featuring Tony Cohen, Chair of Barnardo’s and a Trustee on the Boards of the Arvon Foundation and the RSA. Formerly CEO of FremantleMedia, during his tenure the company launched globally successful entertainment formats such as Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ and ‘Got Talent’ and Simon Fuller’s ‘Pop Idol’. These days, however, he is more concerned with making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young adults through Barnardo’s and is excited about what the future might hold. Read his full profile to discover why Greg Dyke is one of his mentors and why with coaching, ‘there’s no escape!’.


Achieving Peak Performance

Alliance partner Juan Coto has been working closely with top league tennis player Johanna Konta for over a year. As Johanna soars from one achievement to the next – as I write she has just beaten Zhang Shuai to win herself a place in the semi-finals of the Australian Open – in The Alliance we are reflecting on some of the factors that contribute to peak performance, in business as well as sport. What lessons can we can learn and apply from successful sports people? Read our blog post for more on this – and don’t worry, you won’t have to lift a tennis racquet!

 digital distraction

Driven to Digital Distraction?

Apparently on average we look at our smartphones 85 to 150 times a day. Does that matter? Being connected is great – we stay in touch with people we know, keep up with breaking news, learn new things, reach out and expand our networks. While we’re checking in on digital media though, what are we checking out in in the ‘real world’? Are we compromising the quality of our conversations and relationships? Are we corrupting the value of our downtime, crushing our productivity and damaging our sleep patterns? Is the digital world a dehumanising distraction or the new reality we need to adapt to? Should we switch off or step up? We'd love to hear your view.


The Softer Side of Strategy

Forecasts. Business models. Mission statements. Familiar items for many a strategy day. The personal, people stuff doesn’t often feature. At our recent strategy offsite, we spent plenty of time on the typical, ‘hard’ issues. We also invested time in the ‘softer’ stuff, such as sharing what was going on in our wider lives. From a business viewpoint, this provided valuable information on things like our capacity and utilisation levels. In terms of understanding each other better as people, generating new thinking and boosting levels of energy and engagement, it was priceless. For more on how the softer side can help produce hard results, read the full blog post.




New Year, New LinkedIn Page

As the new year begins, it's common to look ahead and think about what we'd like to achieve in the coming 12 months, and what we'd like to be different by the end of the year. Some of us may like to make resolutions to help us make the changes we want to see. In The Alliance, one of our goals this year is to engage a little more with the social media world. To that end, we've set up a company LinkedIn page. If you're interested in connecting with us, it would be great if you could follow our page and fantastic if you could join the conversation.


The Forgiveness ProjectCharity of the Year

As part of our ethos of wanting to give back and to make a broader contribution to the community, since 2011, we have chosen a charity to support every year, through a combination of fundraising, donations and direct support such as the volunteering of our time. Our chosen charity for this year is The Forgiveness Project – if you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.